Fabrizio Cruz is an East and West Coast Multi-Media Creative.
I started experimenting by using uncommon mediums, Up-cycled materials, and color.   That is how I create my analog work which is mostly textural. 
My characters for the most part emphasize the idea of no specific gender or race, sometimes I specify genders when wanting to make a statement about something taboo to general society or if a commission. requires it.
Some of my work is tactile for two reasons.
1- I want to include visually challenged people to experience my work.
2- I want people to realize that what they are touching is some material that should be recycled to avoid more pollution in the environment.
Now, I do more Digital Art and AI Art.
Working digitally has allowed me to find a great way to reduce my carbon footprint, which has been my message though my “up-cycled” materials work anyway.  This works perfectly for me.
​When creating, my thought process and feelings are attached to a narrative.  “I hope it is felt by the viewer“
This artist only produces analog artwork by commission only.  For information contact Tedd Davis.  https://teddsartworks.com/
Where do I stand with AI-generated Art?
Embracing AI-created art has been a fascinating journey for me, an artist who has been painting professionally since the late 90s. As someone with an inquisitive mind, I'm constantly seeking new materials, techniques, and ways to express my creativity. My imagination drives me to explore fresh perspectives and redefine my artistic identity. Art, after all, is an extension of oneself.

Transitioning from traditional mediums like watercolors, oils, and acrylics to digital art allowed me to reinvent my artistic approach while also being mindful of my environmental impact. By upcycling materials and embracing digital tools, I minimized my carbon footprint and costs.

Discovering AI in art was a natural progression for me. I delved into its origins, experimented with it, and recognized its potential to push the boundaries of artistic creation. Just as artists throughout history have drawn inspiration from each other's work, AI references existing art to generate new pieces. This process echoes the artistic evolution we've witnessed in music, fashion, and other creative domains.

"Just think about how many Rembrants, Monets, Harings, Warhol, Okeefe's, Klimts, Richter's, and Basquiat's "copies and influenced by" paintings are out there."
Not to mention the Paint Pouring Art! Once I went to an art exhibit, and found several poured pieces on display, I assumed they were from the same artist, but they were not."

My Viewpoint on AI and Photography
It has been my understanding that photography captures a moment in time and should tell the story of that particular moment. That is why Journalist photography is so evocative. Now you can be a skilled photographer and without spending thousands of dollars on equipment and millions of dollars traveling to another galaxy or parallel universe, you could create something on AI that will tell your side of the story from a realm that is not even possible. Just don't be a "Boris Eldagsen"
Additionally, consider the debate about digital versus film photography mirrors the ongoing discussions in other fields, like music, where technology may enhance convenience but can lack the warmth and authenticity of traditional methods

Engaging with AI isn't a simplistic task of requesting preconceived ideas; it requires imagination and an understanding of various technologies. Learning about lighting effects, software nuances, camera intricacies, and an artistic dialogue with the machine. It becomes a poetic dance that sparks innovation. And each AI-generated piece is unique, a product of this dance.

I echo the words of Author Stephen King:
"Creativity can’t happen without sentience, and there are now arguments that some AIs are indeed sentient," the author wrote. "If that is true now or in the future, then creativity might be possible. I view this possibility with a certain dreadful fascination. Would I forbid the teaching (if that is the word) of my stories to computers? Not even if I could. I might as well be King Canute, forbidding the tide to come in. Or a Luddite trying to stop industrial progress by hammering a steam loom to pieces."

AI-created art stands as a distinct medium, surpassing trends like "popular pouring art." As AI continues to advance, the potential to create imaginary landscapes or scenes from history becomes more pronounced. Yet, even as AI excels, it's essential to recognize that every creation stems from human interaction and the wellspring of artistic imagination.
Vide my AI-Generated Art Through the link below.
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